The Dust and De-Ice Masters

Michigan Chloride Sales, LLC

Dust Masters

Liquid Calcium Chloride has long been recognized as a superior compound for dust control. MCS Mineral Well Brine is a liquid chloride product derived from naturally occurring salt obtained from the Sylvania reservoir – one mile below ground level. It is odorless and has a freeze point of -25° F or lower.

Why Liquid Calcium Chloride is effective:

  • Binds aggregate particles together by attracting moisture from the air and ground
  • Has a stabilizing effect to reduce frost damage and overall road wear
  • Most cost effective way to reduce dust versus alternatives (Lignosulfonates, asphalt emulsions, water, clay additives)

Why provide a Dust Control Program for your unpaved roads??

  • Increased Safety – helps improve driver visibility
  • Decrease health risks by reducing airborne particulates
  • Reduces Aggregate loss by up to 80% - unpaved roads lose as much as 300 tons per mile per year
  • Lessens overall maintenance costs

How MCS Delivers:

With the largest fleet in the Unites States, MCS promises quick, responsive service. Our trucks’ applicators use a pressurized pump system with calibrated nozzles that allow a targeted application in 4, 8, and 10 foot paths. This flexibility for delivery controls dust better as well as increases costs effectiveness.